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Smoking/Lounge Caps  

A smoking cap or lounging cap was popular as informal gentleman’s wear from the late 1840s through the 1880s. They were originally worn to keep the head warm in drafty rooms  and to keep their hair free of tobacco smoke.

The smoking cap was the perfect gift for a young lady to embroider for her fiancé or for a wife to create for her husband. They were frequently made at home and were uncomplicated in construction, brightly colored, ornate and often bodering gaudy, typically fashioned in wool, silk or velvet and topped with a multicolored tassel.  

Smoking Caps  are  now becoming more popular as a fashion accessory due to period dramas such as Downton Abbey.

 Each Eliza Jayne Smoking Cap  is individually crafted so no two are identical, with good quality fabrics.  They are finished with hand covered buttons and handmade removable tassels.

Our hats are hand made to order, please allow 7 days for delivery. Hand-embroidered smoking hats will take 28 days for delivery.

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